Social Security Disability

For anyone that finds themselves in the unfortunate situation of suddenly being unable to work due to a disability the chances are you will need to turn to the government for help. The term disability is defined differently by the government for the purposes of assessing a person’s eligibility to receive Social Security Disability allowance. The complicated processes involved in applying for this type benefit is not particular suited to the uninitiated so it is wise to go into the process well equipped.


About the application process 

The Social Security Disability benefit application process is a strict one. The decision is based on whether a person has total disability or not. If it is found that an applicant has anything less than full disability the application will be denied. Applicants may also need to prove that they have worked long enough to receive the benefit.

It is possible to make an application via the telephone, in person at the nearest Social Security administration department, or online. Whatever method you use, you will have to go through an application form that has been designed to get as much information about your situation and condition as possible. This is only the first stage of the process, but the most important part because the information on the form will form the basis of the outcome of the entire process.


Potential Pitfalls

There are many reasons why an application may get denied including insufficient information on the form, technicalities, or the fact that you really do not qualify. Many people do not realize just how serious this process is and go in thinking that they are guaranteed to get positive outcome.

Although you may in fact come under the Social Security Administration’s term of disability, a lack of knowledge and guidance may result in you applying for the wrong benefit, giving the wrong type of information, or not giving enough information. All of these things can result in an application that gets denied and a process that is prolonged.


Why you should get a lawyer involved

The Social Security disability application process is designed to help sift through those that are not eligible for help and ensure that those who are get the right payments. However, this complex process often means that people who are in fact eligible sometimes miss out. Around 65% of the time, the initial claims get rejected.

Social Security Disability lawyers have the experience and knowledge needed to help navigate the complex social security ssi application process and ensure the smoothest and most satisfactory outcome. They can assist you with the gathering of the information needed for the application and check to ensure that is filled out correctly. They can also help to ensure you get any past-due payments that may be owed to you and assist with the appeals process should this become necessary.

As well as the obvious benefits of having a trained professional take control of this important aspect of your life, there is generally no financial risk involved when contacting a social security disability lawyer. It is certainly a worthwhile effort to get a free consultation with a specialist disability lawyer who will only take a small fee once the disability benefits have been worked out.


In Conclusion

A social security disability income can help to make a real positive difference to your life. You need to ensure that you get what you are fully entitled to.  The safest option is to employ the help of trained professionals who navigate the application process on a daily basis.