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Class Action


A class action lawsuit is a lawsuit that has been filed and/or defended by a small group or individual on behalf of a large group of people with a common interest.

For example, if a company has improperly taken $20 dollars from one million people, the class action lawsuit allows for one person who has been wronged, the plaintiff, to recover the entire twenty million dollar amount and distribute it out to every class action member. Class action lawsuits are a powerful tool to be sure that large corporations are not taking advantage of consumers.


  • Class action lawsuits provide a way to pursue legal claims of a relatively small monetary value.  Since the cost of litigation is often more costly than the monetary claim, being able to bring action on behalf of hundreds or thousands of individuals, class action lawsuits make it possible to pursue claims that are otherwise uneconomical to do so.
  • Joining a class action lawsuit requires very little effort on your part. In the majority of circumstances, you do not have to provide any documentation until the case has been resolved either through the courts or through a settlement. At that point, you would just be required to file a claim form.
  • Class action suits provide a level playing field with defendants who often have significant resources at their disposal. By being able to bring class action on behalf of hundreds/thousands of individuals, class action lawsuits allow for greater bargaining power on the part of the injured parties.
  • Class action legislation has in place many safeguards to ensure the rights of each class action individual are protected. Any settlement reached in a class action lawsuit must be approved by the courts as being reasonable, fair, and in the best interests of the class action members.
  • Class action lawsuits are a way to have your dispute resolved in a low-cost, low-risk manner. In most instances class action suits are done on a contingency basis, which means that the class action counsel is only paid if a court award or settlement is reached. Counsel fees would then be paid out of that award or settlement.

If you feel like you have been wronged by a company or have severe medical problems due to surgery, medications, and or medical mismanagement you may be eligible to a class action settlement.  The best thing for you to do would be to contact an attorney who specializes in class action lawsuits.