Just because I was hurt does this mean that I am entitled to be compensated for my injury?

-The answer depends on the facts of each case.  A person’s right to compensation for a personal injury arises when several things happen.  To be compensated, your injury must have happened as a result of another person’s negligence.  You will have also had to have suffered damages as a result of this negligence.  However, to ensure that your case is properly and professionally evaluated, you need to consult with an attorney.  This attorney will help you understand your case and provide a comprehensive evaluation of your claim and be able to advise you not only if you are entitled to compensation, but how best to pursue your recovery.


Will USA Hurt be my attorney?

-No. USA Hurt is not a law firm, nor will we be your attorney.  USA Hurt specializes in locating attorneys for people who have been injured as a result of someone else’s negligence.  We will help you find an attorney that will evaluate your case.  We will not and cannot offer any legal advice, but we are able to put you in contact with an attorney who will answer your questions, evaluate your case and if you have a claim, enter into an agreement to become your attorney and seek to recover all that you are entitled.


Can’t I just handle my own case?

-There is no law that prohibits you from handling your own case; however, there are many, many aspects of personal injury law and even the most minor of oversights or mistakes can damage your entire case and perhaps keep you from the compensation that your may be entitled.  To make sure your rights are protected, you should never speak to anyone about your case, sign anything or attempt to resolve your case without first speaking to an attorney.  Let USA Hurt assist you in finding an attorney to discuss your case – AT NO COST TO YOU.


Couldn’t I just call an attorney on my own?

-A person always has the ability to contact an attorney on their own; however, USA Hurt maintains professional relationships with experienced personal injury attorneys across the United States that have the necessary skills and knowledge to provide superior representation for their clients.  Let USA Hurt take the gamble out of locating a personal injury attorney for you.


How much will it cost me to use USA Hurt to find an attorney for me?

-USA Hurt collects no money from anyone that is injured or seeking an attorney.  Likewise, the attorneys who USA Hurt locates for victims of personal injury never charge for their services unless they obtain a settlement or verdict for their clients.  In other words, the attorneys don’t make any money unless they obtain money for you – they don’t get paid unless you get paid.  When you discuss your case with an attorney, they will discuss the issue of their fee in further detail with you.


What happens after I have USA Hurt locate an attorney for me?

-Once an attorney is located for you, you will have a consultation with that attorney.  The attorney will evaluate your case and determine how best to pursue your claim.    Once a retainer agreement is completed, you have an attorney who will begin to work on your case. The attorney will contact, with your permission, any medical professionals who may be treating or may have treated you; they will gather evidence and begin work on settling your case with the Defendant or Defendant’s insurance company.  If a settlement can be reached, the attorney will collect your funds and distribute them to you.  If a settlement cannot be reached, the attorney will get your case ready for a trial so a jury can decide your case.


How much do I have to pay the attorney that USA Hurt locates for me?

-Unless your attorney recovers money for you, you don’t have to pay them anything.   When your attorney recovers money for you, they will retain a percentage that you and your attorney had agreed upon in advance.


How long will it take before my case is over?

-Each case is different and your attorney, when they evaluate your case can discuss a timeline for resolving your case with you.


How do I know what kind of attorney I need?

-You don’t need to know what kind of attorney you need.  USA Hurt will look over your background information and based upon the type of injury you have suffered, USA Hurt will send you to an experienced attorney who will be able to handle your case.


I had something happen to me, but I’m not sure if it is bad enough to do anything about, what should I do?

-Sometimes a person can be injured and be entitled to money for your injury and not even know it.  If you may have been injured, it is important that you immediately contact an attorney to make sure you rights are protected and so your case can be evaluated to determine if you have a claim.  Contact USA Hurt today.


How long after I am injured do I have to wait before I contact USA Hurt to locate an attorney for me?

-If you have been injured, or think you have been injured, you need to contact USA Hurt immediately.  You don’t have to wait before you contact an attorney.  Once you have been injured, you only have a limited amount of time that you can pursue your claim.  If you let your time expire, you cannot pursue your case, no matter how bad you are hurt.  If you have been hurt or think you may have been injured, contact USA Hurt today so we can put you in contact with an attorney.


How can I learn more about the different kinds of personal injury law?

-Take some time to look around our site.  We offer background information on a variety of different kinds of law as well as a newsletter that provides a spotlight on recent legal decisions and different kinds of law.  Also see our links section for more information and other resources on personal law.


Overview of the Personal Injury Process

Each personal injury case is unique with different facts and different people involved, but each case generally follows a similar path from start to finish and while the facts of a case may be different, the laws that control each case are often the same.  This overview is designed to give you an understanding of how cases progress from an injury to settlement and to also help you understand some of what you can expect while your case is ongoing.

First, a personal injury case will begin with some act of carelessness or negligence that causes an injury.  This may come in the form of an automobile accident, a dog bite, a plane crash, an injury at work, some form of medical malpractice or many other kinds of injuries.  The result of the act will be an injury and the injured party will be left to pursue the claim they have as a result of their injury.  It is important to understand that just because you are injured you will not automatically receive compensation.  You must pursue your claim.  In fact, if you sit around too long waiting for something to happen, you could lose the opportunity to pursue your claim.

The injured party should always locate an attorney who is aggressive and knowledgeable in personal injury law.  USA Hurt can help you find such an attorney.  Once an attorney is located, you will meet with your attorney and once you have reached an agreement with your attorney, they will begin to work your case.  The attorney will collect reports of your accident, gather medical reports, take witness statements, organize the evidence and get any other information that relates to your case.

In personal injury lawsuits the Defendant is the person who is sued or the person responsible for your injury.  In most personal injury cases, while the Defendant is sued and is responsible for the injury, the Defendant has insurance and that insurance is usually how any settlement is paid.  Once your attorney has all the necessary information, they will put the insurance company on notice of your claim and will make a demand for settlement.  Negotiations will likely follow.  Many personal injury cases are settled at this stage; however, if they are not, then a formal law suit will be filed with the appropriate court.  Even after a law suit is filed, your case can still be settled.  If the case does not settle, then a trial will be held and a jury will decide the outcome of the case.

If there is a settlement or a verdict in your favor, then the settlement or judgment will be paid to your attorney who will then, after deducting their previously agreed upon fee, will pay the balance to you.  The case will end when you receive your settlement and sign documentation showing you have received your compensations.




The following are questions and answers that are frequently asked concerning the function of USA Hurt and the services we provide.  The answers provided below are not intended to provide, nor do they constitute legal advice on any particular issue or create an attorney/client relationship between any person that uses this site and any attorney or USA Hurt. (  I would want this in small writing at the bottom.)