Disability Lawyer

Statistics show that the vast majority of social security SSI claims get rejected at the initial application stage. This does not necessarily mean that the applicant is not entitled to receive a social security disability income. It may just mean that the person filling the application did not make a good case for themselves on the application form.

Fortunately denial at this stage does not mean the end of the road. Everyone gets the opportunity to ask for their application to be reconsidered and beyond that a hearing if it gets denied even after reconsideration. A disability lawyer is a very worthwhile consideration after the initial denial of the application, but will be almost essential at the hearing stage.

Hiring a social security disability lawyer or advocate significantly increases your chances of a successful outcome by ensuring that you have all the correct information and simplifying the whole process. These are just some of the ways they can help:

  • Prepare your case for the hearing
  • Ask the right questions of your doctor in order to satisfy the answers that the judge is likely to ask
  • Track down medical records and test results
  • Obtain statements from physicians and other professional pertaining to the claim

These are just a few of the important things that usahurt Social Security Disability lawyers can help with.

Hiring a specialist disability lawyer clearly has its advantages, but what is even more interesting is that there are no upfront fees to worry about. Lawyers for social security disability work on contingency so they do not get paid unless they win your case. As well as the obvious monetary savings to you it also helps to ensure that these lawyers will do whatever they can to ensure that your claim is successfully awarded.

Claimants that are not represented by a social security disability lawyer or advocate do have a successful outcome on occasion, but the odds of achieving a favorable result are markedly decreased without such representation.

What it all comes down to is the fact that most Social Security SSI claimants will have very little knowledge on how to navigate the complex processes involved in making a successful claim. A lawyer will clearly be well equipped with the knowledge and experience that will give your chances of success a major boost. They will also have full understanding of the Social Security Disability rules and regulations, which will help to make the whole application process a little smoother for you.

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