Cruise Ship Accidents

Cruises have always been a popular holiday choice, spending nights on the water, days in various ports sightseeing, who wouldn’t enjoy that? But regardless of where you take your holiday, accidents can and do happen and cruise ships are not exempt from trouble.

Accidents that happen aboard cruise ships require the expertise of board certified maritime lawyers. Some of the cruise ship passenger injury and accident claims over the years have been:

  • Slip and fall accidents on wet decks
  • Accidents caused by intoxicated passengers and/or crew members
  • Accidents during shore side excursions approved by the cruise line
  • Passenger disappearance
  • Trip and fall accidents due to foreign objects or uneven decks
  • Physical and/or sexual assaults (rape) by passenger and/or crew member
  • Accidents occurred while ferrying cruise passengers between the cruise ship and port of call

A cruise ship passenger who has suffered a serious injury or trauma may be eligible to receive compensation for previous and upcoming medical costs, lost wages, future wages, and expenses to help with rehabilitation, and possibly for pain and suffering.


Maritime law, also called “admiralty law” or the “law of admiralty”, are the laws and regulations that include treaties and international agreements that govern exclusively activities at sea or in any navigational waters. The federal courts have jurisdiction over maritime law in the United States of America.

Under maritime law, it is the ship’s flag that determines the source of the law. For example, a ship flying the American flag in Gulf waters would be subject to American maritime laws. A ship flying a Norwegian flag in American waters would be subject to Norwegian maritime laws. This also applies to laws governing the ship’s crewmembers.

If you have been subjected to an accident aboard a cruise ship line while on holidays, you need to consult with an attorney who specializes and is familiar in maritime law, who can help you get the compensation you deserve.